The King and I

General / 22 April 2020 

Cat King

Scanning Pinterest, as we all do, I came across this lil' guy and decided I would explore some Arnold rendering.
I am glad I made the time to explore offline renderers and lighting. I learned a lot.

Original concept by Joe Sparrow

Holy crap, look at this first attempt....I mean...I see why I made certain things the way they were but I am glad I went my own route.
Also, this lighting pass is, it came a long way. 

Understanding the types of rendering, CPU vs GPU, resolution, light resolution, and just how Arnold behaves in general, twas all a treat.

Community Help

Flipped Normals has literally taught me Marvelous Designer, Zbrush, and Substance Painter within an hour each. I love them so much.

On top of that, they have now helped better understand Arnold! Also, I asked many of my friends and Discord friends about it and really help me bring this home.  

Also, this video helped me a lot too

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Original concept from Joe Sparrow.